A.V. sells out

Well, they lied to me. First on the phone, and then to my face. Maybe they just couldn’t work up the courage to tell me themselves, but did they really think I’d want to find out this way, by reading it in the paper? C’mmmon.Fortunately Catherine softened the blow by sending the WaPo story to me herself:

D.C. developer Douglas Jemal said he bought the land that A.V. Ristorante Italiano occupies and is working to buy the rest of the block at New York Avenue and Seventh Street NW. He said he would like to put offices and retail on the site …

The good news, if any, is that the landmark isn’t closing its doors until October 2007. Which leaves us with more than a year to mount a big old-fashioned online petition campaign, street protests, and a march along the mall. Not to mention plenty of weeks to stuff our faces full of white pizza.

One thought on “A.V. sells out

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