weeping wounds hall of fame (and my 7 day anniversary)

the poison ivy on my arm is really nasty, as all of my co-workers and DC friends can now attest. 10% of it is fascinating because each day brings a completely different color and texture to this horrible blistery rash thing that seems to be living off of my arm. the other 90% is a real pain in ass because there’s no reason that a 2-second brush with some flora should cause us so much aggravation and require so much care and attention — and for so long!i’m only 7 days into the two-week life cycle for these things. what, you may ask, is going to enable me to get through the next 7 days? yes, the Poison Ivy Hall of Fame slideshow. because if there’s one thing that puts us Americans at ease, it’s knowing that there’s someone worse off than you.

7 thoughts on “weeping wounds hall of fame (and my 7 day anniversary)

  1. definitely crossed my mind… but i don’t think i want a permanent reminder of this. plus, how could i possibly compete with those in the hall of fame?

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