the internet hacked my birthday

so, the internet definitely appears to be moving faster than me these days. not only did friendster email all of my friends with an automatic birthday reminder three days 3 days earlier than it was, but then emily scooped me with the definitive birthday post before i could say ‘warm british pint’i knew something was up when one or two friends called or made mention of my birthday on Aug 28th (instead of the 31st)… great friends, mind you, but not ones to have aug 31 circled on their calendars. i didn’t think much of it until one of my more internet-saavy friends, after receiving the same friendster email, tracked down the real date (aug 31) and told me to go update my profilethe best call, however, came from a slightly older, well-intentioned unnamed friend who left me an unforgettable voice-mail (on the 28th) that went something like this: “don’t ask me how i remembered that today’s your birthday, man… i guess i’m just good… happy friggin’ birthday!”well, somewhere between friendster, plaxo, and outlook, i bet i could find the answer for you… not that i’m bitter, cause i’m not — i’ll take birthday wishes whenever they come, any day of the year, from anyone. i just think it’s hilarious to see everyone get outed using friendster. s0 let this blog post — as well as this one i have no recollection of writing two years ago (nice find, thorson) — correct the now soiled internet record of my birthday. aug 31, every year. summer comes, my birthday happens, it’s labor day, and summer is over, just like that. see you next year.

6 thoughts on “the internet hacked my birthday

  1. happy belated! i was thinking about how my birthday, very close to yours, was always the first day of school. but we did manage to sneak in some pretty fun swim parties to celebrate the end of summer, that’s for sure.

  2. i found pool party photos last weekend at home and one of them was of you and meredith, stuck in a maze of string. your string had gotten caught in her hairbow. we had fun. we did!

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