Famous for 7 Canadian minutes on CBC’s The House

This morning, I was on the CBC’s political radio show, The House, talking about internet stuff and the Howard it’s-not-a-dead-story-in-Canada-yet Dean campaign. It was actually a lot of fun — I went to the CBC studios in DC on Thursday to record the interview in what seemed like a giant podcasting studio. The Canadians running the studio were nice, and they even let me drop internet buzzwords like it was my job. Which it is.Have a listen (fast forward to 15:30):Click here for the audio stream (Real Media)Also, I recently learned that Canadians tend to be extremely humble. Well, were this not my third year in DC, I probably would have been inclined to follow the Canadian example and not post anything here about my newfound Canadian fame. But alas, this is DC, where we’re all proud to be media whores.


2 thoughts on “Famous for 7 Canadian minutes on CBC’s The House

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