Another nervous election day

It’s foggy and might soon be raining here in the DC metro area, which is certainly less than ideal for voter turnout. (Apparently Jason R. was up all night watching the weather channel.) It’s clearly a strategically placed weather front designed to only hit strong Democratic areas… Oh, those crafty Republicans at it again…Not being out ‘in the field’ is making me stir-crazy. We’re heading off to the SEIU phonebank very soon to make GOTV calls for the afternoon. I also really wanted to go to the polls today, but i can’t [legitimately] because i already voted absentee, which is how i’ve always ever voted. Well, i think I voted … I mailed in my ballot, but there’s no real way to know if my ballot got there and was counted or not, short of using something crazy like certified mail. Interesting how much faith we’re expected to have in these systems…There’s something satisfying, I imagine, about stuffing a paper ballot into a box, or pulling the final lever in the booth and hearing your votes lock into place. Maybe the computer voting machines play a patriotic flash movie and song after you submit your vote… I think the last time i was even in a voting both, strangely, was when my mother snuck me into to the booth with her at the local elementary school. I’m pretty sure that I was short enough to walk right beneath the curtain without it even grazing the top of my head. Of all things for a parent to indoctrinate a child to at a young age, this should rank way up there in the parenting books (after teaching Arabic and Chinese before the age of 3, of course).

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