“I’m voting for Jesus”

Still not sure how to react to the election results… We’ve really figured out how to deal with defeat and election-PTSD so well that accepting victory is now a lot harder than it should be. Might also have something to do with the fact that I was more or less on the sidelines this cycle, doing whatever I could to cheer my team on, but I barely stepped onto the playing field, so my satisfaction while watching the results come in was of a slightly different variety since i couldn’t really take any creditI did, however, do some GOTV phone-banking on election day (as much as i knew I was being helpful, my ulterior motive was selfish: to prevent myself from going stir-crazy). I only made a few actual connects given all the people who were away at work or who had changed numbers — most replies were fairly standard, ‘oh, yea i voted already’ or ‘yep, i’ll be heading out shortly and, ok, yes, i’ll bring everyone else here with me, and yes, i’ll be voting for Democrats’ etc.Then I reached this older woman somewhere in Maryland who had not yet voted but was planning to. “… And do you think you’ll be voting for O’Malley and Brown?” I asked. “Why, I’m voting for Jesus!!” she yelled back at me. What do you say to that? Best that i could come up with was some encouragement that she also vote for the Dems on the ticket in addition to Jesus. When I shared this story with a friend who was out on a congressional race, she told me that they referred (internally) to people like that as RP’s, or ‘Real People.’ I can’t tell yet if it’s entirely offensive or just a really true and worthwhile way of acknowledging that the class of campaign pros and consultants, usually based in DC or hopping campaigns, really aren’t so real at all compared to the constituencies we’re working with or talking about.Anyway, many congrats to those who were in the game this cycle and made it all happen: Savage in VT, Stephanie in MT, Jessica in IL, Robby in MD, Ben, Ginny, and Mike in OH, Mike in NM, and Drew in PA.

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