from the road, first time

this may not work but I’m going to try emailing posts to the blog from my phone/treo using a widgety thing I just configured for wordpressi’d do it for the geek points alone but the thing is that most of the good or,well, blogworthy stuff happens to me when i’m not anywhere near a computer and by the time i’m back i’ve forgotten or distracted by other stuffgood example was just the other day I was in the car with my dad listening to the radio when he announces that he loves death cab for cubbie (he was trying to read the satellite radio text in his defense). yes he meant cutie but everything about this was blogworthy at the time. And it would have been both funny and smart and profound had I posted it in realtime, I promise. Promise.. so this is my test post. I keep my phone by my bed so i’ll try to post something revealing while sleeping

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