a few related but unrelated things…

It seems like everyone went home to New England for Christmas, found no snow, and then got really annoyed about climate change. Jimmy and Canning both mentioned that they couldn’t do any skiing. Michael Whitney and Garett even blogged about it. It’s not that they didn’t know or care about climate change before, but it’s different when it hits you personally. On the upside, I think these stories are exactly the type of personal impact and imprint that we’re all going to need to have in order to build any sort of sustained movement around this issue.Bill McKibben and a few intrepid Middlebury College febs graduating next month are organizing a national grassroots day of action on April 14 — calling on Congress to step up their efforts on climate change. I’ve been chatting with them about this over the past few weeks to help figure out the appropriate tech behind a decentralized mass-networking and organizing effort like this. I think they can really make this take off — which means we may finally may be done with marches on Washington. In related news, Sarah Schacht of Dean days (and WOC) is trying to live next year on just one ton of carbon — a impressively simple but challenging idea.And speaking of Web of Change, Jodie started blogging here — I met Jodie on Cortes this year for the first time (after being a long-time fan of ONE/Northwest). I really admire Jodie as a person and thinker so i’m looking forward to following along.While writing this i’m listening to a pretty sweet end-of-year 2 hr mix of funky electro tunes on BBC One that Ibrahim just sent to me — it’s by Gilles Peterson. A few tracks stronger than others, but hey.

2 thoughts on “a few related but unrelated things…

  1. I have a good friend who just bought all this ski equipment and lives in NYC. She wanted to take up skiing but feels like she just sunk a bunch of money into a deep, dark hole. On the other hand, Denver would certainly pay for a little relief from the snow. My prediction for 2007: the internet will not come up with a way to efficiently transport snow from the Colorado and Utah to Vermont and New Hampshire. I know, I’m going out on a limb here.

  2. ha. the limb you’re going out on will snap off the tree because we’ll just be dealing with the symptoms, not the problem. ok, you probably weren’t being as serious as my reply.

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