I’m actually fairly optimistic for 2007 (hey, it’s only day 3). But the AP reports that we in the U.S. are not at all prepared for disaster, in what seems to be a quarterly republishing of the this very same article. I’ve come across a few emergency preparedness lists (this one via Steve) that suggest we pull together ‘go-bags’ and emergency kits. Great name and great idea, but i just don’t see myself doing this, as much as i really do care about it. I’m probably not the only one, which may be why the Red Cross has made a business out of these stylish packages.The coolest emergency thing going is actually this DC Emergency Radio network that runs on the cheap push-to-talk walkies to create an instant community radio network as soon as everyone turns their radios on. It’s very net-centric, as they say. Actually, marty already wrote about this it seems.The one thing I can take credit for actually doing is teaching my family (my parents) how to use text messaging on their cell phones so that I can let them know that I’m fine when all circuits are busy after the terrrists come to blow up the white house, only a few blocks away from work. (We’re also taking Will Robinson‘s advice and getting an emergency radio for the office that pops on when there’s an air attack or something bad. He’s also in the strike zone.)Finally, Chris’ very unfortunate new year’s day mugging reminds me that since I haven’t yet been held up or robbed while here in DC over the past 3 years, the moment statistically draws nigh when i will be permanently separated from my wallet. So I am going to take 5 minutes to make a list of everything in my wallet and the phone numbers printed on those things so that i can replace them quickly and keep rolling. But I’m not doing it right now, so the muggers will have to wait a few days.

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