Alert DC never disappoints: “Baton down the hatches!”

Seeing our first snow in DC tonight, realized that I received this text message and email the other night from the friendly municipal employees at Alert DC. I love these people. Their messages are consistently entertaining and only serve to perpetuate my [perfectly healthy] daytime fantasy of living 24.

Alert DC Severe Weather NoticeNational Weather reports that the District of Columbia is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 6:00pm. High winds are expected. Please secure loose items and watch for flying debris.

Definitely sign up if you’re not already.

4 thoughts on “Alert DC never disappoints: “Baton down the hatches!”

  1. having had a recent 24, season 5 marathon, every morning, i am sure that jack is going to come flying down the subway tracks and whisk me away to some underground bunker where all you can do is watch 24 all day.

  2. how many episodes of 24 can you safely watch in a row before risking hypertension, high blood pressure, or heart attack?

  3. well, i hate to admit, but i did the 5th season in two days. the only thing that started to raise the blood pressure was the, beep beep…beep beep…beep beep.

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