I don’t wear glasses

But i got some new frames today and might take this opp to do a little redesign and relaunch of my face. (And what better a place for such musings than this self-indulgent blog?)This isn’t a light decision: I’m basically blind without my contacts. Or, well, ‘illegally’ blind to give the legally blind their due.That’s why I never travel without my glasses as a backup, or i’d never find my way home through the blurry shapeworld that I’d otherwise be exploring. So when I had a minor eye emergency at the start of our company retreat the other week in West Virginia, I discovered that those glasses in my traveling black plastic capsule were circa high school years. And fashion issues aside, they weren’t nearly strong enough for critical life things like road signs or movie screens.So instead of updating my old frames, I went all out for some specs (can i call them that?) that will hopefully keep up with This Modern Life of mine. Here are some shots courtesy of Jess’ macbook photobooth. What’s your recc for my future face: four-eyes or two-eyes?

11 thoughts on “I don’t wear glasses

  1. You are too cute. Or, as some ("some" might perhaps also be "me") have said in the past, "way cute." I say treat the glasses as an accessory–wear them every couple of days. My general rule of thumb is to wear glasses whenever I’m wearing black.

  2. you are a riot! love the specs. like another "friend" suggested, wear ’em every few days, especially with black and "dark blue". thanks for the chuckle, i needed it after my night of the two year old throwing up all over me (twice)! peace.

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