Now Double True: Google Maps is the Best.

Google has probably had this out for a while now, but i just downloaded Google Maps for my Treo and it’s totally rad — much more than i thought it would be. The interface for driving directions makes a ton of sense and stays loaded on the phone so that you don’t have to wait for internet when it’s time for the next (or previous) turn.Makes me want to get into a [hydrogen-fueled] car right now and drive into the middle of the country with nothing but my phone and google maps mobile. You have to click a button to promise you won’t drive with it, but this is definitely made for driving.Here’s the demo — you can get it for almost any type of phone i think.Next version they should try to take advantage of the location-based services in our phones and destroy the GPS direction machine market in one fell swoop.And Treo — you can thank your lucky stars for this awesome distraction, because i’m otherwise not too pleased with you right now.

2 thoughts on “Now Double True: Google Maps is the Best.

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