leave me alone

1. all this buildup to jury duty and now my country doesn’t want me, at least for tomorrow, according to the recording. maybe they want me thursday. maybe friday. argh. how do i convince them that i’d like to serve for maybe 3-6 days on the jury of a very high-profile trial, but no longer. without revealing that i’m desperate to serve on a trial.2. the temperature rises 20 degrees and the bright t-shirt kickball people are taking over this fair city yet again. i just saw one tonight outside my building. these cult frat-mobs are so damn annoying to the rest of us on this college campus we call Washington, DC3. 300 is a mediocre action flick with some cool history. but there were NO homoerotic undertones, so everyone ought to chill out. i saw it on friday, literally moments after running into ezra who tried to tip me off to the gay themes. but there were none! apparently the spartans were just too burly for layers of body armor (i.e. to wear shirts in battle), but that doesn’t make this movie any more gay than a WWE wrestling match. the only thing gay about the film was that we saw it at the dupont circle theatres. and that the weird dude in the row in front of us was taping the whole film, which was funny, not gay.4. Apple: try being your parents’ IT director for a day before you go botching another software update5. Guinness: congrats on winning st. patty’s day. you’re all i’m drinking ’till june.

16 thoughts on “leave me alone

  1. Hey, it’s not like you weren’t invited to join the kickball team. I’m going to wear my colored (and hopefully dirt- and beer-stained) t-shirt to work every Tuesday for the next 12-16 weeks.

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