my 15 seconds on NY1

I’d post this as a humor clip if I weren’t in it…. so it’s in your hands to tear apart. The best part is the opening, so be sure to have your sound on. And if some of the quotes don’t make sense, it’s because they cut out the parts where we were incredibly profound and intelligent and left the soundbytes.(Which is good to know for next time: only speak in soundbytes. I’m going to practice only talking in soundbytes and sweeping generalizations this week at work — it should be fun.)Watch: Harish and me on NY1 TV last Thurs nightHere’s a good matchup that I’d like to ref sometime soon: NY1 vs. WTTG (our local Fox affiliate here in DC). Extra points for space-age sound effects, sensationalism, and for using “information superhighway”

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