airport people inspire

was just in logan airport sharing a bench and crappy dinner with a woman on her way to a small coastal town in louisiana to help with restoration.She said she was part of this ’emergency communities’ network that got started sort of like burning man and has been growing ever since. They’re trying to get funding to keep volunteers based in this one town all year. there’s hope.And here’s the best part. she asked if I had heard of step it up this weekend. Have I ever. Love how quickly info can spread word of mouth online when combined with some traditional media. Bill and his crew only came up with this idea in nov/dec and started organizing in jan. Her friend is helping to organize the boston event, where they’ll make a human chain inland at the future coastline and have some members of congress speaking.stories like that is what makes the hard work of online organizing all worth it step it up this wknd:—sent from my wireless handheld

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