Photos from LiveEarth

LiveEarth yesterday at Giants stadium was a blast… Never imagined that I’d ever get to hear Smashing Pumpkins live — they rocked Rat in a Cage, Today, and a couple new ones. Definitely the highlight for me. Biggest shock was experiencing Bon Jovi perform Livin’ on a Prayer live … in New Jersey, no less. Was actually pretty great, I’ll admit it. The badges we had seemed to get us everywhere, which made our lives there first rate, but for the crowd that was there all 8+ hours, it was good that they kept carting out Al Gore.Phil and I were based primarily out of a media booth that Brian had setup in the press bubble for the Alliance for Climate Protection — Gore’s new organization and the reason behind the concerts. (Check out the new site we just launched for ACP — and sign up!)I was impressed at how well-spoken just about everyone who came through to record interviews for us was. Not that all stars are dumb like Brittany, but it seemed like every celeb who was there clearly came on their own volition because they really cared about the issue and wanted to do something.A few great celebrity rubs in the process, most of which are featured in the pics — not included in the photos are probably the two most incredible that came through our booth, so i was probably too flustered to snap a shot or something: Ann Curry (NBC/Today Show) and Jane Goodall. Both beautiful in very different ways. Then Phil and I literally walked past Dave Matthews when we were backstage, which was pretty cool. My photoset HERE.Recent Rolling Stone interview had quoted Gore saying that the LE concerts were meant to be a starter pistol for this mass campaign and movement building effort around global warming. From everything I can tell and experienced, it seems like it succeeded at doing just that.

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