sunday is for rollercoasters


dazed and enthused
Originally uploaded by sbma44.

sometimes i wonder if i grew up in america. not only did i have no idea that there was a six flags just outside of DC (20 min by car, 90 min by public transport. we took the latter), but i also couldn’t believe that any one park could have more than one, maybe two, roller-coasters. this place had almost a dozen, and they were all amazing — esp the superman.

needless to say, this was more fun than i ever really planned to have on any given sunday in DC. as evidenced by the photo here.
the honorable players: Ficke knew more about the place than anyone should admit (hence the coke can coupons); Emily tamed the rideguide VR system to get us there; Tom documented; and Sommer almost lost her feet.
UPDATE: In addition to the photos, Tom has more here on why the Superman ride was great and validates everything else i said. or ever will say in the future.

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