Goodbye, friendster. It was you, not me.

does anyone still use friendster? i just logged in to delete my account, primarily to stop receiving those stupid update emails. and also because i figured it would feel good to feign at least some element of control over my online identity sprawl. sure enough, i feel great. master of my destiny. king of the castle.before hitting the big cancel button, i did a final victory lap just to make sure there wasn’t a whole mess of great new functionality (or friends) that had secretly come to light in the past few months. nope, definitely not — just a ghost town showing the remains of a raucous 2002, 2003, and 2004. (plus a handful of stragglers still living the dream… let’s not spoil it for them. MyFace, what?)Most satisfying part of canceling my account was telling them why i was going away. i don’t even feel bad for the guy who has to sift through all of the nasty “ever heard of facebook?” messages. i couldn’t help myself either:

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, friendster. It was you, not me.

  1. You know, I actually forgot that I was even on Friendster until I got one of those "stupid update emails" from them today…which reminded me to delete my account as well. Maybe they should just stop emailing people and they could keep their existing members!

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