Suburban coyote attack

My parents, in their capacity as excellent live-in caretakers for my childhood home, have recently announced a new long-term guest. At first i thought it was a lame ploy to make me jealous and try to get me to move back to suburban Connecticut, after not having lived there since high school. Then when they mentioned it was a coyote, i figured that this was their warped way of telling me that they finally agreed to get a new dog after our last one went off to dog heaven when i was in 11th grade. But today my father sent the damning and undeniable photographic evidence, below. A coyote with a limp hind leg, lounging in the driveway for over a week now. My mother, of course, has spoken with every environmental agency, nature center, humane society, and law enforcement agency in the tri-state area, only to be told that there’s nothing to be done with a coyote-in-residence. After all, they say, you can bang some pans, but it’s us people that are actually in the coyote’s territory. (Which I think both my parents secretly like to hear as much as I would have enjoyed saying it myself.)So, please welcome the newest member of our family:

3 thoughts on “Suburban coyote attack

  1. Just Shoot the Varmint, or go to any of the Predator Hunting sites and find someone in your area to Kill it… Wild animals with no fear of people are VERY Dangerous… ~Ace~

  2. Wow. Just shoot it is not what I was thinking. I was like… have they named it? Give us an update Silberman… what happened to your new family member?

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