Some pumpkin pie and Nutsy Fagan for Thanksgiving

Here’s a little glimpse into our Thanksgiving — or, well, into almost every big family holiday of ours.My uncle Bobby G. is a remarkable octogenarian. In addition to whooping younger old men on the tennis court twice a day, every day, he’s been leaping into the air to perform his renowned Nutsy Fagan for at least a million years now. Over the past few years, however, Bobby’s solo has naturally morphed into a duet with my cousin (his grandson) Max. Like the passing on of other great traditions, this is the type of legacy that you just can’t preserve with a life insurance policy. So the performance below also features Max, who stepped up to the great challenge of this act just a few years ago.I realized at the start of this year’s Nutsy Fagan that YouTube, our generation’s de facto historical society, probably didn’t have this one down yet, so I grabbed what I could with my cellphone:

(Some context: It’s probably worth noting that my extended family has been running a summer camp for over 90 years now…)

One thought on “Some pumpkin pie and Nutsy Fagan for Thanksgiving

  1. Not sure how this fits into a summer camp agenda. I would also have enjoyed seeing you with Bobby G., although Max was outstanding. Finally, I googled Nutsy Fagan, and learned that you can charter a Freedom 40 sailboat (3-day weekend) for just $1375.

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