2007 [Personal] Year in Review

You’ve watched the Best Of Best Week Ever 2007. You’ve read the Top 100 Top 10 lists of the year. And you’ve heard the billboard countdowns. Now this correspondent takes his own dip in the hot-tub of reductionism and self-absorbtion by summarizing into a tidy list the most memorable events from his own previous 365 days. In a decidedly unordered list, this is 2007 in bullets:

  • Being selected for — and almost getting to serve on — jury duty
  • Meeting President Clinton! (photo); runner up — meeting Katie Couric
  • Extreme Skiing Colorado (viral video) w/ Jimmy and Dane (+ 6 hrs in the DIA airport bar)
  • An evening with Jack Bauer (story; photo)
  • Bears in Shenandoah (photos) w/ Savage and Steph
  • Superman ride and Six Flags w/ Ficke, Tom, and Emily (story; photos)
  • Co-authoring a book (my first and last) and seeing it on bookshelves
  • EchoDitto 3 Year Anniversary celebration dinner cruise (anniversary poster; official cake)
  • [More than one notable night out, starting with NYE 2006, smartly redacted by the Editors]
  • Italy and Austria, family trip of the decade and most exotic speaking gig to date (photos)
  • Winning an impromptu beirut tournament at a NYC bar with Keith the jeopardy kid and Sean
  • Backstage at LiveEarth NYC (photos); and meeting Ann Curry and Jane Goodall
  • Lake Garibaldi and Black Tusk in BC with Tim and Brant (photos)
  • Google HQ in Mountain View (photos confiscated)
  • Best purchase of the year: countertop dishwasher

Hard to believe that all fit into just one year. To judge by the ultimate criteria, if 2007 happened to be my last, I’d be hard pressed to come up any real regrets; it was an unexpectedly incredible year. And I have to say, the list above doesn’t include work highlights (as if that’s somehow separate…) This was easily EchoDitto’s best year so far. There’s a version of this floating around summarizing the remarkable and world-changing milestones and successes that we shared with our clients and partners this year, but that gushing post will have to wait…Happy New Year!

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