Gotta love 60 Minutes

I am easily the only remaining person under 30 to religiously watch 60 Minutes each week.Which is too bad, because despite the inflated Leslie Stahl and senile Andy Rooney (a cranky wingnut blogger before his time), it’s actually a great show.

For the uninitiated, here are the 4 different types of stories that you can expect to enjoy:

  1. Profile … of the rich, famous, musical, political, or athletic
  2. Investigation … of a shocking law, practice, pollutant, or drug (FDA approved or unproven) being perpetrated on the public by the government or a corporation or both
  3. Criminal case … gone horribly wrong due to mistrial, corruption, or unfair death sentence
  4. Football (when Sunday Night Football goes into overtime)

3 thoughts on “Gotta love 60 Minutes

  1. I watch it too! Although I typically miss all of the good stuff from the first half and just get stuck with Andy Rooney (his segment last night wasn’t bad though, primarily because for once it wasn’t about what he had gotten in the mail that week).

  2. I, too, am under 30 and watch 60 Minutes. It has lost a bit of its edge, I think, in the last few years. There’s a few to many, "Hey, this person is famous and rich!" interviews. Still, pretty good TV. My heart, though belongs to Bill Moyers. That man is a reporting machine.

  3. Okay, so I am not under the age of 30, but since I think the target demographic is actually 105, I still feel like I’m pretty young for being such a devoted fan (it’s on now). I also watch CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood and I think my love for both of these shows is because they both respect their audiences: they think we’re smart enough to get it and that our attention span is long enough to absorb it in larger bites than the 15 seconds that most news stories give topics. They tell STORIES.Plus, they post all of their segments online — and provide transcripts.Purrrr . . .I just checked; I’ve written about 60 Minutes NINE TIMES on my blog.

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