You heard it hear first. Foggy monacles and vodka.

Alright, all you aspiring agents of buzz. Warm up your hot little taste-making palates.

HOTlist item #1: Vermont Vodka. Technically, Vermont Spirits. Think, the next Ben and Jerry’s. And don’t judge them on their website. The white vodka (from pure milk sugar) goes down best, but the gold (maple) is pretty damn good too. Ask for it at your local bar; it’s being distributed by Anheuser-Busch. Thanks to college friend Mary Skovsted for making the trip down from the Northeast Kingdom last weekend to introduce us to the fruits of her distilling labor.

HOTlist item #2: After a long night of vodka drinking, the possibility presents itself that a gentleman will be over-served and, in due course, engage in ungentlemanly behavior. Enter The Foggy Monocle, a PostSecret for the morning after. Brought to you by the NYC scenesters modestly featured in the blog’s header image, Dane and Jung, it’s guaranteed to be an entertaining ride. Check it out before Gawker does. And send them some content.

A gentleman may, in the course of a night’s cavorting, be relieved of his senses from time to time. In the aftermath of such situations, the gentleman may be forced to IM, email or text with his fellow gentleman to help recount the activities of the night prior, or simply to discuss how the day is going. TheFoggyMonocle believes that these conversations reveal the true nature of the modern gentleman, and by reprinting these tales of urban mischief, we celebrate the American gentleman in all his glory.

And yes, I’m slowly converting the Blogatron into a Jimmy fan-blog. Seems like the only sensible thing to do.

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