Cream, sugar, or social capital?

Reading the special report in last week’s Economist on mobility (Nomads at last) and dug this:

James Katz at Rutgers fears that cyber-nomads are “hollowing them out”. It is becoming commonplace for a café to be full of people with headphones on, speaking on their mobile phones or laptops and hacking away at their keyboards, more engaged with their e-mail inbox than with the people touching their elbows. These places are “physically inhabited but psychologically evacuated”, says Mr Katz, which leaves people feeling “more isolated than they would be if the café were merely empty”. That is because the “physical presence of other human beings is psychologically and neurologically arousing” but now produces no reward. Quite simply, he says, we have not evolved biologically to be happy in these situations.

2 thoughts on “Cream, sugar, or social capital?

  1. I had a wonderful moment with my friend Andrew at an Irish bar waiting for his friend to meet us. She called and asked him the name of the bar. He, admittedly drunk, shouted at the top of his lungs at the ~10 people in the bar, "WHATS THE NAME OF THIS BAR!" Nobody replied. His retort, "COME ON PEOPLE, ARE WE ALL <a href="; rel="nofollow">BOWLING ALONE</a> HERE!?"

  2. ha! i think i may know this andrew you speak of. there’s only one that speaks of social capital so freely. i’m sending this to him now for comment.

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