A visit from Uncle Bobby during his annual Great Schlep from NY to FL

Every year for 30 years, my 88 year-old [great] uncle manages to drive from NY to FL (despite protests by his family, and his wife, my Aunt Libby, who now flies). For the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to be a stop along the way here in DC.

Bobby is without doubt a living legend — with a gift for story telling. (This publication’s more loyal readers will remember him from this Nutsy Fagan performance at Thanksgiving 07.) So for this year’s visit, I brought along my Flip cam to try and capture what I could. Below are three quick clips.

First, Bobby’s take on the election and FL voters as he heads into the battleground state. Most impressive: FL grandparents already know about The Great Schlep!

Next, Bobby as UNC Tar Heel basketball star and his Michael Jordan story. (He was traveling with some clippings from his forthcoming memoirs/book.)

Finally, the secrets to a well-lived life:

5 thoughts on “A visit from Uncle Bobby during his annual Great Schlep from NY to FL

  1. Hey Michael,Love these videos — thanks for posting them! It’s always inspiring to hear from people over 70 who are still active and fit; your uncle’s a testament to the validity of "healthy body, healthy mind".

  2. Michael,This is great! It is so wonderful that you do this and I’m thrilled to have this record of my dad at 88 years old!

  3. Michael. Thanks . I have written to Sanjay Gupta "fit nation. Cnn and they have requested photos and info. I am not very great on computer and have been unable to get anything sent to them. Other than his bio . N CArolina recipient of Patterson award for leadership. Coaching Larry Brown. Playing tennis Still with guys in there 20’s . etc.Can I burden you with the task of sending these to Cnn.Sure would appreciate it!Ron

  4. Have talked to Mieks about sending something this summer. And The BLC office. No one has helped and I really think it would be a great story as well as great for Bobby G.Ron

  5. Michael, I am so incredibly touched by these videos, you do not even know. I feel so proud of my grandfather all the time, but the fact that you are sharing this with others is very meaningful!! Thank you so much my cousin!!

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