Egypt: A Nation Forced Offline

Lots to still unpack re social media’s role in the unfolding events and protests in Egypt — and incredible to be watching it play out in realtime — but this 90 second video provides a nice overview of what’s going on.

(Warning: The lack of fact-sourcing/attribution makes this feel a bit propaganda-y.)

Yesterday’s NYT Week in Review also had a decent roundup of the growing opportunities and risks associated with citizen media in social/political movements.

And Allyson Kapin summarized over on Frogloop a great discussion thread from over the weekend re the role of traditional vs social media (and the interplay) in creating and spreading revolution.

UPDATE: Great commentary from RAN’s senior campaigner on lessons from Egypt for the climate movement. RAN, much like Greenpeace, has a long history of successful direct actions and high profile campaigns. One of several great points:

If People Power leads, then the “leaders” will follow. Political parties and non-profits are NOTdriving the Egyptian uprising, it’s People Power. Youth, elders, middle class, poor, religious and secular. The established opposition groups only joined in after the masses took over the streets in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez calling for Mubarak’s ouster.

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