A new warrior up close: my visit to the Rainbow Warrior III [pics]

I’m here in Amsterdam for a whole mess of meetings with folks across the global organization at Greenpeace and the timing happens to coincide with the launch of GP’s latest, um, campaign tool — the Rainbow Warrior III. 

Here are some quick pics I took from the tour that Martin Prieto (GP Argentina) and I took with one of the new deckhands, Pablo. He was good enough to show us his quarters, not to mention the helipad (!), radio room (awesome gadgets), campaign room, engine room, and much more

It’s bigger than I expected — barely fits under the veranzano bridge apparently. But it also seems sturdy. Which is good because previous GP ships have had to withstand everything from bombings to pirate attacks. Hopefully this crew faces none of that.

For some great behind the scenes (reality tv?) stories of the new hands on deck and this maiden voyage, check out the videos my colleague Brian Fitzgerald has been producing by following the RWIII’s twitter, or here is the full series and background, pretty cool:


The visit:


One thought on “A new warrior up close: my visit to the Rainbow Warrior III [pics]

  1. El Rainbow Warrior, es el mejor barco de la Esperanza, porque gracias a El. y a sus tripulantes activistas , controlaremos las contaminaciones en este planeta.-

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