Entertainvertising – AVICII and Ralph Lauren “Silhouettes” music vid is example of advertising from future

Why pay for the 10 second video ad that plays before a YouTube video when you can just make your ad the ENTIRE MUSIC VIDEO? (And reach a much larger and more desirable audience than from a TV ad)

That seems to be gamble that Ralph Lauren made with this new AVICII remix, which I stumbled upon today and think is brilliant. Sure, it’s also kind of gross in the “everything will become marketing in the future” kind of way, but that’s not my point here… 

Someone at Ralph Lauren was presumably responsible for marketing their new “Denim and Supply” line. Miraculously this person, or a forward-thinking ad agency / consultant, was given the leeway to try something new. 

Rather than produce a TV ad sampling a new, hot song and mixing it with some video images of young people having the time of their lives thanks to their Denim and Supply gear, they took they money they would have burned on TV and produced some high quality content that has the potental to move — a music video that you might actually want to watch and share, unlike the majority of TV ads. Plus they got 2.5 mins to tell a good story rather than 30 seconds. 

    So wha’ts the impact?

    • reach more of the demographic they want — young folks who are spending more time watching online video and hunting down new music online (actively) than they are watching TV commercials (passively)
    • audience will most likely receive this from others they know and trust rather than directly from the brand, which they are less likely to trust (see Edelman trust barometer on how we trust “people like us” over brands and indstitutions); looks like they also spent some money on online ads to build some initial awareness 
    • reach more people for less money; this is a guess as i have no idea the cost of the deal but dollar to dollar they cost of an online view will be far less than the TV view once they reach a certain threshold of views online; currently the video has nearly half a million views in just under a month)
    • create a positive emotional experience and assocation for the brand that is far more impactful and posiive and memorable than they could through a 30 or 60 sec TV ad
    • get more/better data about what’s working — digital is data-rich, unlike TV
    • the AVICII endorsement doesn’t really count for much since they arguably could have paid for the celeb endorsement in the traditional approach — although it’s possible that a popular DJ like AVICII wouldn’t have been willing to be part of a traditional ad for his own branding and identify purposes

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