You heard it hear first. Foggy monacles and vodka.

Alright, all you aspiring agents of buzz. Warm up your hot little taste-making palates.

HOTlist item #1: Vermont Vodka. Technically, Vermont Spirits. Think, the next Ben and Jerry’s. And don’t judge them on their website. The white vodka (from pure milk sugar) goes down best, but the gold (maple) is pretty damn good too. Ask for it at your local bar; it’s being distributed by Anheuser-Busch. Thanks to college friend Mary Skovsted for making the trip down from the Northeast Kingdom last weekend to introduce us to the fruits of her distilling labor.

HOTlist item #2: After a long night of vodka drinking, the possibility presents itself that a gentleman will be over-served and, in due course, engage in ungentlemanly behavior. Enter The Foggy Monocle, a PostSecret for the morning after. Brought to you by the NYC scenesters modestly featured in the blog’s header image, Dane and Jung, it’s guaranteed to be an entertaining ride. Check it out before Gawker does. And send them some content.

A gentleman may, in the course of a night’s cavorting, be relieved of his senses from time to time. In the aftermath of such situations, the gentleman may be forced to IM, email or text with his fellow gentleman to help recount the activities of the night prior, or simply to discuss how the day is going. TheFoggyMonocle believes that these conversations reveal the true nature of the modern gentleman, and by reprinting these tales of urban mischief, we celebrate the American gentleman in all his glory.

And yes, I’m slowly converting the Blogatron into a Jimmy fan-blog. Seems like the only sensible thing to do.

missing from my life: cherry chocolate rain


i know, this post is a marketer’s dream, but i really need to buy this product immediately. it’s important that i try it. because i’ve never tasted cherry chocolate rain and every day could be my last, so i have no time to waste. please, if anyone sees it in stores, contact me immediately. i’ve already completed a perimeter search of a four block radius of the office.this is what i’ve been waiting for, at least since they canned crystal clear good part of this search is that i learned that Dr. Pepper is the oldest soda company in the country. 1885. waco texas. charles alderton in Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Storemeantime, all i can do is watch:

cereal dregs

the remaining ounces of cereal… so pathetic… crumbles of what could be — sad, fallen cousins of fully formed flakes. the dregs stare back from the depths of a foggy, plastic bag that begs for the trash. but no! that would be premature. an over-reaction. always just enough cereal sediment to make it worthwhile, but not enough for a full bowl. so the weak little dreg flakes must be merged with whatever new box of cereal that was hoping for a fresh start. sorry, new cereal. you must lift your weak little dreg brothers and sisters up to my mouth and disappear them before you can have your opening performance.

Fire the World Wildlife Fund’s direct mail firm

Going through a bunch of mail just now, I opened a full letter-sized envelope from the World Wildlife Fund — the people with the black and white panda logo working for years to save wildlife habitat around the world. On the envelope: “Your free all-occasion gift wrap is enclosed.”Normally I receive address labels or a free calendar to guilt me into making a contribution, which seems wasteful, but at least these items are mildly useful on a regular basis. This was the first time a charity sent me a small stack of colored paper to use on the few occasions I have to wrap gifts — and, apparently, to replace the old newsprint wrappings that had been working just fine for me. But the uselessness of wrapping paper isn’t the point.The point is that this short stack of heavily inked paper came to me from an environmental organization which seems to be confused about its mission. The enclosed letter cites logging as a top reason why WWF’s own mascot, the giant panda, is under the threat of extinction. So its answer is to fire up the paper mill for millions of sheets of additional paper to send this message to [tens of?] thousands of individuals, more than 95% of whom are likely to toss this straight into their trash (assuming a successful response rate of ~3%).Sure, the wrapping paper is printed on recycled stock (percentage not shown, but it’s unlikely to be 100%), but why is WWF adding unnecessarily to the increasing global demand for paper? Surely they had alternative options for this solicitation. I can’t imagine that the bloated landfills where half of this wrapping paper is going is working to save wildlife habitat, save for some seagulls. And let’s not even venture to guess how much carbon dioxide was released to print up the paper used for this mailing. The first victims of global warming will be those creatures living in the habitat that WWF is seeking to protect in tropical, developing nations around the globe.I don’t care how many people use the gift-wrap to send a message to their friends and family about the importance of supporting WWF or how many new gifts it encourages. There’s no way that WWF wins with this mailing.President Carter Roberts, I can’t imagine you’re as short-sighted as the vendor who produced this piece of mail for you, so I suggest you take a closer look at what’s going out under your name.Happy Earth Day!UPDATE: You can send a message to WWF via their ‘pledge to make change’ Earth Day campaign if you’re so inclined. Here’s a screenshot of what i just posted:

I don’t wear glasses

But i got some new frames today and might take this opp to do a little redesign and relaunch of my face. (And what better a place for such musings than this self-indulgent blog?)This isn’t a light decision: I’m basically blind without my contacts. Or, well, ‘illegally’ blind to give the legally blind their due.That’s why I never travel without my glasses as a backup, or i’d never find my way home through the blurry shapeworld that I’d otherwise be exploring. So when I had a minor eye emergency at the start of our company retreat the other week in West Virginia, I discovered that those glasses in my traveling black plastic capsule were circa high school years. And fashion issues aside, they weren’t nearly strong enough for critical life things like road signs or movie screens.So instead of updating my old frames, I went all out for some specs (can i call them that?) that will hopefully keep up with This Modern Life of mine. Here are some shots courtesy of Jess’ macbook photobooth. What’s your recc for my future face: four-eyes or two-eyes?