My neighbor Ace at 92: Decorated vet, living legend

Ace is a neighborhood legend — with one arm, four purple hearts, and more than a dozen antique cars, he’s hard to miss.Nearly every weekend, Ace drives one of his old cars up Connecticut Ave to pick up his favorite meal at McDonalds. On a nice day, you can catch him outside holding court near while one of the cars is lucky enough to soak up some vitamin D.I caught up with Ace this past weekend, just following his McDonalds trip and a few days before Veterans Day. Here’s a brief clip of him summing up a remarkable military career and his passion for old cars. He’ll be laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider today and driving an old military jeep in the Veteran’s Day Parade. I could talk to Ace for hours. After a very full life, he has some of the best stories in the word.

Frequently asked questions about my ride from NYC to DC (Climate Ride 08)

This is for climate change?
Well, against it, really.

Have you been training?
Define training?

Well, I mean, do you ride a lot or something?
I biked to Annapolis and back last weekend… This will be much more difficult, but I plan on surviving.

Will they shut down the highways or something?
Definitely not. Apparently there are other roads between New York and DC, at least one of which goes through Amish country, where we’ll be spending a night.

What happens to the money if you don’t finish?
Thanks for your confidence. The money will be re-routed from the beneficiary organizations to cover my medical expenses. Ok?

You’ll have overcome climate change when this is over?
Fer sure.

How much money did you raise at the fundraiser you guys hosted at the Black Squirrel last week?
Almost $1,000 — thank you to everyone who stopped by and contributed!

Is it too late to make a contribution?
No! Quick — here’s my fundraising page. I’m almost at my goal… You can help me get there.

Wait, when do you leave?
Saturday AM at the crack of dawn. If you’re in NYC, stop by our kickoff event, 6-10p at BLVD (199 Bowery). Tickets.

What’s this team thing?
Asher, Dave, and I are all riding under the 1Sky banner — because we want to show our political leaders that America’s ready for bold federal climate solutions. Here’s our team page. And Phil is riding under the 350 banner for similar reasons.

And why are you doing this again?
It feels like exactly the right thing to do at exactly the right time, and we’re going to have a blast.

What’s the schedule? Where will you be and when?Here you go.

Best way to keep up with the ride while you’re on the road?
– Climate Ride 08’s blog and twitter feed
– This here blog and twitter feed

where did all of these catalogs come from?

… and, what’s a catalog? Just when i thought purchasing a physical CD was a quaint notion, when’s the last time anyone outside of Iowa ordered holiday gifts from a catalog?I returned from a few days away to find a mountain of catalogs begging to be redirected to the landfill (my building doesn’t recycle them, sadly). Then I remembered a recent post somewhere about a free service called that does all the legwork of unsubscribing for you — from whatever catalogs you no longer want to receive. Brilliant.No idea if it works yet (ask me in 8 weeks), but it couldn’t have been much easier, and it sure is a great idea long overdue.

Adams Morgan Day photos

Great day for a street fair. I think we were all worried that summer was trying to sneak out the back door without saying goodbye, but we were proven wrong. Got a little trigger happy and shot almost 200 pics during the festivities; just spent past few hours in the darkroom [that is my laptop] editing and culling them down to my Top 40. Check out the photoset here. Of all the photos I’ve taken this year, I think i’m most proud of these, so please just indulge me.Two of my favorites (for your appetizer):

hogs, carneys, and fried oreos

… at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair today. Because after the last two sundays of tubing and amusement parks, it just seemed like the right thing to do.These are the sorts of events that make us Americans either especially proud or embarrassed by our country. And, more importantly, it’s the type of place that makes amateur photographers think that they’ve turned pro. So, ahem — check out my set from today. Warning: contains farm animals.

sunday is for rollercoasters


dazed and enthused
Originally uploaded by sbma44.

sometimes i wonder if i grew up in america. not only did i have no idea that there was a six flags just outside of DC (20 min by car, 90 min by public transport. we took the latter), but i also couldn’t believe that any one park could have more than one, maybe two, roller-coasters. this place had almost a dozen, and they were all amazing — esp the superman.

needless to say, this was more fun than i ever really planned to have on any given sunday in DC. as evidenced by the photo here.
the honorable players: Ficke knew more about the place than anyone should admit (hence the coke can coupons); Emily tamed the rideguide VR system to get us there; Tom documented; and Sommer almost lost her feet.
UPDATE: In addition to the photos, Tom has more here on why the Superman ride was great and validates everything else i said. or ever will say in the future.