Faces of Memorial Day in Washington DC

I had a field day with my camera on Monday along the parade route on Constitution Ave. I’ve found that going to the parade is one of the only ways that I can properly appreciate the significance and weight of Memorial Day. 

My neighbor and four time Purple Heart Ace Rosner used to drive his WWI Jeep in this parade, but he passed away earlier this year.

There are many things to love about DC, but the setting and backdrop here makes universal things like parades and fireworks, which probably take place in every other town across America, seem that much more impressive, stately, and unique.

Here are my favorite 30 shots from the parade — click slideshow / full screen mode.

And a sneak preview:



Full set on Flickr >>

Sri Lanka photos. Mostly elephants.

I was expecting something like South India — a place I’ve never visited but imagine to be hot, crowded, and poor from all that I’ve heard and seen. 

Sri Lanka was nothing like that. Instead it was green and lush, rapidly developing (no obvious signs of extreme poverty), and full of friendly people working to rebuild a country stunted by and still recovering from 26 years of civil war that only just ended in 2009

I was lucky enough to visit the island in September at the invitation of the US State Department / US Embassy in Colombo to help lead a digital activism training for students across South Asia (see WICPER Training for Trusteeship). My colleague Susannah Vila posted some of her thoughts on the experience here on HuffPo. 

We didn’t have time to see much while there, but we did cover many hours of rough roads from rainforest-like mountain regions (Kandy, Kigale) to capitol city (Colombo) to — briefly en route to airport — tropical beach. I have many more miles of Sri Lankan beach to explore in my career. The elephant photos below are from the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which was more like a park/refuge but seems to have started as an orphanage.

By the way, the US Embassy in Sri Lanka has an impressively active social media presence; here they are on twitter and facebook.

Highlights reel from Climate Ride 08

Still busy sorting through photos and videos from our incredible 5 day Climate Ride, but here’s a great photo slideshow by Kip Pierson, our official photographer in the meantime. Kip’s local to DC and I’d definitely recommend him if you need a wedding or event photographer. I’ve put a few of my own pics up here and below, the ones I took from my iphone.But really you should check out Kip’s slideshow, which i don’t think i can embed here.

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