My neighbor Ace at 92: Decorated vet, living legend

Ace is a neighborhood legend — with one arm, four purple hearts, and more than a dozen antique cars, he’s hard to miss.Nearly every weekend, Ace drives one of his old cars up Connecticut Ave to pick up his favorite meal at McDonalds. On a nice day, you can catch him outside holding court near while one of the cars is lucky enough to soak up some vitamin D.I caught up with Ace this past weekend, just following his McDonalds trip and a few days before Veterans Day. Here’s a brief clip of him summing up a remarkable military career and his passion for old cars. He’ll be laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider today and driving an old military jeep in the Veteran’s Day Parade. I could talk to Ace for hours. After a very full life, he has some of the best stories in the word.